Best Hairstyles for Women With Glasses

Posted on Sep 10, 2012 in Blog

Today we’re discussing the best hairstyles for women with glasses.

Pulling off your amazing style takes a lot of work, and it doesn’t end with your hair. There are many things to consider including makeup, clothes, accessories and last but definitely not least, your glasses. No matter what style of glasses you wear, we have the right hairstyle for you.
Here are nine of the best hairstyles for women with glasses:

1. If you wear frames that are understated and not bold, try a modern haircut that begs for attention.

2. If you’re frames are bold and colorful, go for a haircut that is soft and understated.

3. Do you have a fringe? If so, make sure you keep it trimmed and clean cut. Paired with the right pair of glasses, a fringe can look drop dead gorgeous. Make sure you keep the length of your fringe above your glasses for a well kept look. Also, bangs tend to look best with light frames. Avoid big, chunky glasses.

4. When it comes to hair color, you want to choose a complimentary color for your frames. Get metal or dark frames for brown hair, transparent or light frames for blondes, and almost any color goes with redheads except for white and yellow.

5. Remember, you should choose a hairstyle that will compliment your glasses. Short hairstyles, and any style that pulls your hair away from your face, will show off your glasses.

6. Here are some general rules for face shape. Oval faces can wear almost any type of frame. Round and square faces should go with narrow frames with more angular lines. An Oblong face should go with frames that add width. Finally, heart shaped faces should go with a narrow frame.

7. If you have wide frames, you should avoid adding lots of volume to your hair. Instead, you should style your hair in such a way that adds height on top.

8. If you have large frames, avoid long hair that don’t have low volume. Try layers instead.

9. Lastly, if you have small frames, avoid hairstyles that box in your facial features. Get a short bob or wavy layers.

Don’t forget to bring your glasses with you to your hair stylist so you can chat about what look works best for you. There are many great hairstyles that look amazing with glasses. Let us know which ones work for you in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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