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20/20 Eyeglasses Superstore Facebook Summer Selfie Contest

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SummerSelfieContest_8x10Here at 20/20 Eyeglasses Superstore, we believe in making your eyeglass purchase as fun and easy as possible. As a result, we’re inviting you to take part in our Summer Selfie Facebook Contest where you upload a selfie (photo of yourself) in your favorite summer glasses or sunglasses.  Then invite your friends and family to vote through the Contest Page on the 20/20 Eyeglasses Superstore Facebook page (www.facebook.com/2020eyeglass).  The picture with the most likes wins!

Contest Info & Instructions:


  • Create. Take a fun and creative photo of yourself wearing your favorite eyeglasses or sunglasses. Get creative! The possibilities are endless!
  • Upload.  Upload your picture to the 20/20 Eyeglasses Superstore Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/2020eyeglasses between July 14, 2014 (12:01:00 am EST) and September 5th, 2014 (23:59:59 EST).
  • Share.  Share your photo around the world by asking people in your online community to view and like your entry on the 20/20 Eyeglasses Superstore Facebook Page before the competition ends– September 5th, 2014 (23:59:59 EST).


We have exciting prizes for you so hurry up!! Drop in at any of our 20/20 Eyeglass Superstores to try on our latest styles and earn a spin on the prize wheel.

It’s time to connect with your Facebook friends as the most votes wins!

Contest Rules: http://www.2020eyeglass.com/Contest.aspx

Facebook Contest Page: https://www.facebook.com/2020eyeglass?v=app_158086484245654&app_data=gaReferrerOverride%3D

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Choosing Eyeglasses That Suit Your Personality and Lifestyle

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Choosing Eyeglasses That Suit Your Personality and LifestyleEyeglasses can help people see the real you, or they can help create the image you want. The key is to find the right eyeglass frames to match your personality and lifestyle.

People generally recognize you by your face, so the eyeglasses you choose to wear are a very real part of your identity. Whether you want to appear sophisticated, fun-loving, youthful, conservative or style-conscious, the right eyewear can help you shape how you are perceived. And if you choose to wear only one pair of eyeglasses for everything you do, that says something about you, too!

We all like convenience. But the truth is, there are many aspects to your life and personality. And to complement your multi-dimensional lifestyle, you need more than one pair of eyeglasses.

New eyeglasses are a great way to update your look without buying a whole new wardrobe.

You can read the rest of the article by Erinn Morgan on All About Vision.

20/20 Eyeglass Superstore has a frame for every face and a price for every budget. Whether you are interested in scheduling an annual eye exam or getting fitted for new contact lenses or eyeglasses, our independent optometrists and friendly staff can help you with all of your eye care needs

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Orlando 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore Summer Discounts

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2020EyeJune17th_webToday we’re sharing some of our latest eyeglass and sunglass discounts for our Orlando and surrounding area customers:

1. 10% OFF polarized lenses when you print out this blog post and treat yourself to the Buy One Get One Free Offer.

2. Buy One Pair, Get One Free and 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore pays for your eye examination. You can also bring in your prescription for credit towards this special. See store for details. There is also a minimum purchase of $88.

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5 Reasons Why Women Should Be Concerned About Eye Health

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Eye healthDid you know that women have better peripheral vision then men? This trait can be traced back to when women gathered food for their families and had to be aware of their environment.

There are many interesting additional differences between men and women’s eyes. Following that subject, we’d like to share five reasons why women should be concerned about their eye health:

1. Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a common side effect of menopause due to the decrease of estrogen. Additionally, a variety of medications can cause dry eyes. Dry eyes can be treated very easily by using eye drops and/or artificial tears. 

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Eye Health: Floaters in your eyes

Posted on Jun 26, 2014 in Curated article, Eye Education, Eye Health | 0 comments

Eye HealthAre you constantly swatting at imaginary bugs or gnats? Do you notice cobweb-like images or specks moving around in your vision? Do you have a “snow globe effect” in your vision?

Your eye is filled with a clear, egg white-like substance called vitreous. It is made up of about 99 percent water and 1 percent collagen and hyaluronic acid. The vitreous gel has many functions. It helps the eye to maintain its round shape, helps to refract light, and serves as a shock absorber for the retina.

Normally, the back part of vitreous pushes against the retina. The vitreous, like any other part of your body, ages and changes over time.

Sometimes the vitreous can pull away from the retina all at once, causing a sudden onset of floaters and other symptoms, like flashes.

If you experience a sudden onset of many floaters, flashes, and/or a curtain, cloud or veil in your vision, you should call your eye doctor immediately. Drop in at 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore; we are always ready to help you. We also have Independent Optometrists located on site who will be happy to examine your vision. Walk-in’s are welcome, and we ask that you come 15 minutes prior to your desired appointment time.

Read the original article by Dr. Ashish Sharma, published on news-press.

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Eye Trouble with Google Glass?

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google glassHere is some interesting talk going on about possible problems with Google Glass according to an article written by Darren Allan.

There have been a number of reports of problems on Twitter, and Beta  Beat detailing their own experiences of two writers who had sharp pains after ten minutes of Glass usage – pains that disappeared after taking the device off.

The latest controversy surrounding Google Glass is the fact that the device is reportedly causing eye strain and headaches.

The problem is that Glass is designed for very quick usage – short glances at pieces of info; bursts of activity. It’s not designed to be gawked at continuously.

For more details read the original article by Darren Allan published on itproportal.com

20/20 Eyeglass Superstore, a frame for every face and a price for every budget. Whether you are interested in scheduling an annual eye exam or getting fitted for new contact lenses or eyeglasses, our independent optometrists and friendly staff can help you with all of your eye care needs.

Contact us at any of our three locations in Florida: Orlando/Winter Park, Melbourne and Orange City

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Regular Grape Consumption May Play Role In Eye Health

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https://www.flickr.com/photos/asvp/1419707242/in/photolist-3asnv5-boxFRf-4BAqAF-4xBLSK-dz3HHU-bRFggn-8nfsA-eRNeY1-avE5V8-aucds7-2G8L59-n4NYK-b2HMf-8rvrVu-aAtMhV-6Qq1gz-7bKMfN-7VuCgX-8rXQ3p-6qfuuR-a8jkvj-hGScH6-5t4xNj-n8vxs-5YE3D-5sXDVe-dnK1VG-5Zgwbq-f2KUgx-5ztnC7-FGWY1-aqNvbY-bjSfD6-5smJmK-74UPSa-37G4fx-5rittf-bz58cF-7yQZtG-5v7rg7-6TQ7Xb-5jDGaV-4KqQJj-4dHbq1-3B3uDP-dakZtz-avF2vL-5QCFix-5wRbr-h8BUi2/Do you enjoy eating grapes?  If so, there is good news for you. New research presented this week at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology conference in Orlando, Florida suggests that regular grape consumption may play a role in eye health by protecting the retina from deterioration. Specifically, a grape-enriched diet resulted in a protective effect on retinal structure and function.

The retina is the part of the eye that contains the cells that respond to light, known as photoreceptors. There are two types of photoreceptors: rods and cones. Retinal degenerative diseases affect over 5 million people in the U.S., and can cause blindness due to photoreceptor cell death.

The study was conducted by a research team and investigated whether a diet supplemented with grapes could protect the photoreceptors in mice with retinal degeneration. The results showed that retinal function was significantly protected in the mice consuming the grape-enriched diet.

“The grape-enriched diet provided substantial protection of retinal function which is very exciting,” said Dr. Abigail Hackam, lead investigator of the study. You can read more here.

If you’re looking for eyeglasses you’re at the right place. We have frames for every face and a price for any budget.  Schedule your eye exam with 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore. We look forward to assisting you with any type of help or guidance you need for your eye care.

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